We are the local solar guys, locally owned and homegrown in New Mexico. We are proudly based out of Albuquerque and Alamogordo. We are passionate about solar and want to help everyone take advantage of one of the most bountiful natural resources that New Mexico has to offer: solar irradiance. Meaning that New Mexico has the best sun, weather and altitude for solar in the entire US. It is no secret that electricity prices from utility companies are rising so let us help you find the best way to fit solar into your budget!


NM Solar Group has been in business since 2015 and we have completed over 500 jobs in that time. Our entire company takes the latest solar courses and training so that we can do solar the right way. We strive to make solar work for every individual, and we can often complete jobs that other large, national brands won't. New Mexico is our home, so we know the climate, sun, and roof types that are specific to our state. We have various mounting options that will work on virtually any type of install, even flat roofs and ground mounts! We can also accommodate off-grid systems. We aren't a cookie cutter operation, which means that we will consider each project, and make sure each one is done the right way.


We are a full-service solar company with our customers’ best interest at heart. We don’t just offer a great product, we offer a complete range of services from consultation, design, financing, installation and system maintenance. Once a customer, always a customer because we never stop working for you. Our professional team is on standby to provide design and installation support that will help you get the most value out of our full-service commitment.


We are a company that has one mission: do as much solar the right way in New Mexico. We will travel almost anywhere in the state to do this. We can install on pitched roofs, flat roofs, shingle roofs, metal roofs, tile roofs but we can also construct ground mounted solar systems and solar carports. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service available and we will do our best to make solar a reality for you!

The high-quality products that NM Solar Group installs come with a 25-Year Guarantee!


Going solar is easy! To provide an accurate estimate, we will need to review a copy of your electricity bill. After we’ve had the opportunity to analyze your bill, a NM Solar Group consultant will come to your home or business to give you a customized solar proposal and answer any related questions that you may have. It is important to us that our customers understand the technology behind their solar installation and feel comfortable with their solar investment! After we’ve determined the best solar solution for your home, we will help you find the best financing options for your specific project. Once you’ve decided to move forward, our agreement is simple and to the point with no hidden terms.

With certified designers in each office, we guarantee a professionally designed solar system. To do that effectively, we will visit your property before installation to evaluate the site and gather the necessary information. As soon as our designers have properly engineered the system, we will send the final plan to you for your approval. After you’ve approved the design, NM Solar Group will work with local permitting jurisdictions, utility companies and any necessary homeowner’s associations to get your solar system approved for install. Once the project is properly permitted, we will work with you to schedule the installation. Typically, we can complete the installation in 1-3 days and you’ll be owning your own energy in no time!

After the install, we will work with the local permitting jurisdictions to get your system fully inspected. In most cases, once the inspections are completed, we will work with your local utility company to interconnect system to the grid and add the REC meter, which will track the electricity that your system is producing and putting onto the grid. When it’s confirmed that the system is interconnected with the utility company, we will return to link your solar monitoring to the internet so that you can track your solar production from your computer or even from your mobile device. Data monitoring can give insight to what your solar system is producing, per panel – with updates available every 15 minutes! At this point, your clean green energy factory will be fully functional! Your meter will be “spinning” backwards and the savings will start to rack up!

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With certified designers and licensed electricians on staff, our solar systems provide the latest in style, efficiency and function.


Owning solar has never been more affordable. We work with several different lending partners that offer zero down financing options.


Money isn’t everything, but it is important. We aim to get you the best value and the fastest return on your investment.


Curious about production? Monitor each individual panel – with live data monitoring! Updates are typically available every 15 minutes!



With over 300 days of sunshine each year, solar makes dollars and sense for New Mexicans. Let’s let the sun get to work for you! Purchasing a solar system allows home and business owners to control their energy costs and protect themselves from future rate increases from utility companies. Gain energy independence today!


In most cases, installing solar for your home or business will add value to your property and increase the return on your investment. Appraisal value will typically be increased by 60-70% of the total cost of your solar array. However, this is only if you purchase your solar – solar lease or PPA agreements typically do not add value to the property.


Customer service is our top priority! As your local solar partners, we want to make sure your solar system is always functioning optimally and that you’re always getting the best value. Solar installations are generally low maintenance but let us know if you’re system needs service and we will do our best to resolve the issue!



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