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3 Questions You Need To Ask Before Replacing Solar Panels

June 8, 2022

Solar panel systems are quite resilient. Current solar panels last 25 to 30 years on average, but older systems may be reaching the end of their lifespan now. Read on to learn three questions you need to ask before replacing solar panels so that you can get the most out of your solar panel system.

Are Your Panels Damaged?

Solar panels are incredibly resilient pieces of technology. They can withstand hailstorms without a dent or scratch and weather hurricane-level winds with ease. Companies build solar panels with environmental protections in mind, so it’s tough to cause significant damage to them. Solar panels typically have warranties that last for around 25 years as long as they don’t have damage. Some can last 40 or more!

Most solar panels won’t drop dead completely but will slowly wane in energy production capabilities. If the latter is true for you, consider contacting a reputable solar panel installer in your area. They can help you determine whether you should replace your panels now or wait.

Should You Replace Individual Pieces?

It’s rare for an entire solar panel system to stop working at once. Instead, it’s more likely that a component or two is failing and causing energy production issues. You should have solar panel technicians come to your property to analyze where the problem is. Usually, you’ll just need to replace an inverter or an individual solar panel.

Should You Expand Your System?

Whether you need to replace a few pieces or your entire system, you can always use this opportunity to expand your system. Many homeowners realize that a few extra solar panels may make the difference between paying a few dollars for energy every month and making money. Contact a reputable installer for solar panels in El Paso.

Now that you know these three questions you need to ask before replacing solar panels, you should do what’s best for your budget and replace a few pieces or expand your system.

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