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3 Tips on Preparing Your Home for Solar Power

June 30, 2022

Solar power is the clear choice for some homeowners—however, many don’t understand why solar power is the bee’s knees. Simply put, solar energy can save you thousands of dollars. Once you pay off the initial investment, you’ll save hundreds of dollars every year, without fail. Read on to learn three tips on preparing your home for solar power.

Solar Energy Assessment

Your solar panel system quote will be based on a solar energy assessment—if you want a sense of the system (and price tag) before you contact a solar company, you can get your own energy assessment done. It will give you information about the system size you need to power your home by factoring in nearby trees and houses that may block areas of your roof from the sun.

Repair Your Roof

Nine times out of ten, solar panels are installed on the roof. For that reason, it’s important to have a quality roof that isn’t falling apart. If your roof could use a little TLC, consider getting repairs made so that it can handle holding an array of heavy solar panels. Roof renovations are a good idea every few years or so, whether or not you’re installing solar panels, so take this as a sign to get your roof looked at!

Consider Energy Storage

Solar panels work by converting energy from the sun’s rays into usable electricity. Unless you have energy storage, excess electricity will be sold back to your local power grid (which will make you a few extra dollars). However, some people prefer to keep that excess energy and save it for a rainy day. If that sounds like a good plan to you, you should consider purchasing solar batteries.

They’ll cost a little extra, but they can come in handy during a blackout or a period of several rainy days. Contact our solar company in New Mexico to learn how much batteries will cost and to get more information on why they’re an excellent addition.

Now that you know these three tips on preparing your home for solar power, reach out to us, and we’ll get you a quote on your solar panel system!

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