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3 Ways Your Location Factors Into Your Solar Power Benefits

June 1, 2022

Before you begin your solar photovoltaic system installation process, you should think about the location of your solar panels. There are a few factors that can determine the projected output of your solar panels, and these can help you determine whether solar power is right for you. Read on to learn three ways your location factors into your solar power benefits.

Solar Radiation

The top factor for solar power benefits is solar radiation. The earth is round, so there are some parts that are slightly closer to the sun—areas near the tropics are generally more favorable than locations closer to the poles.

In the United States, this means that cities like Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, and Phoenix are uniquely suited for solar energy. Consider reaching out to a solar company in Las Cruces to learn how much you can save on your electric bill in New Mexico.

Sunlight Obstacles

Part of the reason places like Albuquerque and Phoenix are ideally suited for solar panels is that they have relatively few obstructions that can get in the way of solar panel production. Before you have an expert team install your panels, you should confirm that there aren’t many obstacles that could block sunlight to the site of your solar panels.

For example, tall buildings, trees, and even mountains can cut down on your system’s effectiveness if their shadows happen to fall on your panels for a significant part of the day.


When you picture a home with the ideal conditions for solar panels, we’re guessing you think of a house in a warm, sunny state. Interestingly, while sunlight is an obvious requirement, temperature isn’t nearly as important.

Your house can be in the frigid north or the sweltering south and still produce ample solar energy to power your home. In fact, some studies have shown that solar panels produce slightly more energy in cold climates than hot ones!

Now that you know these three ways your location factors into your solar power benefits, contact a solar installer and get a quote today!

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