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4 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Solar Panels

November 22, 2022

Solar panel efficiency is one of the best things to strive for after installing solar panels. When you combine panel efficiency with a maximized lifespan, you set your household up for decades of cheaper, if not free, energy. We have a few ideas on how to get the most out of your solar panels, so read on for four tips for extending the life of your solar panels.

Clean Your Panels

Solar panels naturally accumulate small amounts of dust and debris over time. Every few months, make sure you clear off your solar panels to keep them operating at maximum efficiency. If you notice a layer of dust on your panels, you can clean them gently with a cloth and lukewarm water.

Regular Inspections

Your car isn’t the only thing that could do with an annual inspection! Most of the time, an inspector will give you the all-clear, but don’t let that convince you not to have your panels inspected the following year. Eventually, they’ll notice an issue, and you can address the problem then and there.

Cover Panels During Extreme Weather

Did you know that most solar panels are rated to withstand one-inch hail falling at 50 mph? Even so, it’s probably best to cover your solar panels when you learn of extreme weather coming through town. This is perhaps overkill, but you never know when a slightly larger hailstone will fall!

Consider a Protective Coating

Solar panels come with a pre-installed protective coating, but the elements and UV rays will wear that coating down over time. If you’re looking for El Paso solar companies to refresh your panels, look no further! Our team at NM Solar Group can re-apply this protective coating efficiently and effectively, so you can get the most out of your solar panel installation for years to come.

Now that you know these four tips for extending the life of your solar panels get the most out of your investment and implement these suggestions. Doing so leads to enhanced durability and protection, just like a fluoride treatment gives your teeth! Solar panels are an incredibly safe and cost-effective deal for homeowners, and our tips and services make them even better.

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