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5 Ways To Prepare Your Business for Solar Power

November 23, 2021

When designing a new building for your business or searching for a new space, there are a few ways to ensure the location will produce an optimal amount of solar energy. From sun exposure to roofing material, here are five ways to prepare your business for solar power.

Consider Sun Exposure

The most crucial consideration is sun exposure. If you’re building a single-story building and planning to use solar power, surrounding the building with tall trees that shade the roof will limit the energy your panels can produce. You can also optimize your roof by designing it with a tilt between 30 and 35 degrees, especially if the building faces magnetic south.

Decide Where To Install Inverters

The solar panels go on the roof, but there’s another essential component to the system: inverters. Inverters can go inside or outside the building. If you’re planning for an indoor installation, remember that inverters require a ventilated area. If you’re considering installing them outside, keep them in a shaded area.

Choose Roofing Material Thoughtfully

You can save money by choosing an optimal roofing material. Standing seam roofs are optimal, but asphalt shingles, flat roofs, and sloped roofs can work without much fuss. Metal shingles, slate, and corrugated metal will require additional work during installation (and therefore cost more), but they’ll work just as well!

Don’t Forget Connection Points

Solar arrays require both an electrical interconnection point and an internet connection. You should consider the distance from the solar panels to your utility meter or main electric service panel for the former and the distance from your modem for the latter. Shorter distances are optimal as they reduce installation costs.

Remember the Conduit Run

You need at least one conduit to connect the panels to the interconnection point. Think about where you can run the conduit for optimal aesthetics and a simpler installation.

Now that you know these five ways to prepare your business for solar power, consider contacting a commercial solar company for all your installation needs!

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