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Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

August 30, 2017

NM Solar Group is a homegrown Albuquerque solar company passionate about solar energy and we believe it is the answer to many of today’s environmental problems. There is increasing awareness of solar power as an alternative to the dirty and expensive power from PNM. New Mexico is ideal for solar so many folks are seeing their friends and neighbors embrace it for themselves. Many clients we speak to ask us what exactly are the advantages of solar energy?

Solar Power Advantages

I previously wrote about my perspective on why solar is the right choice for my family in terms of solar environmentalism, solar economics, and solar energy independence.

Solar power is a clean and sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuels like coal and natural gas.

Prices have come down over the years significantly to the point that most people see lower electric bills almost immediately. Once a solar system is paid off (typically within 15 years) the only cost a homeowner generally pays for the remainder of the 25-40 year life of their solar system is their connection fee (currently around $7). The amount saved can be enormous!

Solar also provides energy independence by freeing you from the grasp of greedy corporate power companies like PNM who prioritizes profits over people.

Long story short, solar power will give you and your family a cleaner, cheaper alternative to PNM and provide energy independence.

Solar Power Disadvantages

Folks often like the benefits of going solar, but they want to know if there is a catch. Is it too good to be true? Short answer- there is no catch.

The only caveat with solar is the requirement for the sun to be out for the solar panels to produce electricity. A great aspect of solar power in Albuquerque and New Mexico is Net Metering. Net Metering allows you to send excess power produced during the day back to the grid and you get credited by PNM. At night, you pull power back from the grid and use those built up credits. In essence, PNM acts like a battery for your solar system. The transition from solar to grid power is seamless with no interruptions in service when the sun goes down.

Solar power offers homeowners many benefits with no real downsides. If you would like to learn more, please call us at 505-415-6172 or Click Here to schedule a free consultation. NM Solar Group is here to help!

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