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Information About Alamogordo, New Mexico

September 5, 2018

Situated in Otero County, Alamogordo New Mexico is home to 30,403 people and is well-regarded for its proximity to the Holloman Air Force Base.

The city has a rich history as it sits near the Sacramento Mountains and the Chihuahuan Desert.


It began near the Tularosa Basin (11,000 Years Ago) where the Mescalero Apache were residing.

Over time, there were people such as Charles Bishop Eddy who decided to come into the region in 1898 and build railway tracks. As time went on, the area took up the name Alamogordo (Large Cottonwood) due to the cottonwood nearby.

A lot of work has gone into the region with the development of roads, buildings, and more to build out a comprehensive area for locals.


In general, this is a cold desert climate meaning the summers are burning hot but the winters present themselves with cool mornings.

In most cases, these conditions are reserved for a few months between July and September. After that, the condition in this area goes back to the desert climate most people recognize it for.

Most of the days have a temperature that sits at 90F and tends to rise deeper into the summer months.


Why do people visit the area?

A region such as this isn’t going to be on the map for its natural attractions.

There are a set of renowned attractions that tend to bring in visitors from around the country. These attractions include the White Sands National MonumentInternational Space Hall of FameHolloman Air Force BaseTrinity test (First Atomic Bomb)World’s Largest Pistachio, and the Mescalero Apache Reservation.

These attractions are recognized for their historical presence and bring in people from all over. This is the beauty of a gorgeous attraction and all that it has to offer locals.


This is regarded as the heart of Otero County economically. Most of the economy is built around the attractions and their retail sector. It used to emphasize agriculture, but that has shifted away from Alamogordo over the years since it’s close to other agricultural communities.

The economy is built on the shoulders of its tourism and the tourists it drives in.

The history in the region is something that continues to be talked about, and a lot of work has been done to grow its appearance. New construction sites are put up every day to optimize the setup and make sure it lines up with the economic needs of the area itself.

Alamogordo New Mexico has a lot to do and see, and many people make their home there. Climate is good and a great place to raise a family without all the hustle and bustle of the big city. So if you are thinking of making this your home and you want to save some money, then solar is the way to go here. We have more sunlight than any other state in the union. So contact the fast-growing Alamogordo solar company and get you a free quote on how to equip your home with green energy and save money too.

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