UncategorizedAn Overview of the Latest Advancements in Solar Technology

Many people assume that solar technology has advanced as far as it can. However, solar tech has made many developments in the past decade. From efficiency to sun tracking, read on to discover this overview of the latest advancements in solar technology.

Sun-Tracking Solar Cells

Although solar panels are incredibly effective on their own, science is always looking for ways to increase and upgrade features of products. That’s why 2016 showed the world sun-tracking solar cells that follow the arc of the sun as it moves through the sky. On a clear day, these cell arrays can gather a greater amount of power than normal panels!

Solar-Powered Cars

It’s no secret that electric cars are here to stay. In the last few years, the success of Tesla has boomed, proving that electric vehicles are not only eco-friendly—they’re also profitable. With that mindset, several researchers have begun asking new questions. If electric cars are possible, why not solar-powered cars?

Researchers at UC Berkeley and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have separately begun work on technology that turns solar energy into power for vehicles! While the efficacy of these products remains to be seen, they are exciting steps into a new world.

Solar Cell Efficiency

Perhaps the most significant breakthrough in the last few years comes in the form of efficiency. In the past, the conversion rate of solar energy to electric current was around 24 percent. With the latest solar technology, that number has increased to a whopping 31.6 percent!

These advancements may seem like small steps, but they consistently improve the solar panels consumers use, leading to a better experience. To learn more about solar companies in Las Cruces, be sure to contact NM Solar Group.

Now that you have this overview of the latest advancements in solar technology, we hope you work with us to enjoy these new developments! The team at NM Solar Group is at your service.