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Home Rooftop Solar Array

If you are looking for a leading Albuquerque New Mexico solar energy company then NM Solar Group is at the front of the pack. We are a debt free solar company in Albuquerque and being debt-free we are able to pass on the savings to our clients. Not like the big corporations that have much debt and need to answer to shareholders, we have none of that.

Through our cost savings we help to reduce your energy bill by over 70%. Our Albuquerque solar energy company offer a no obligation estimate and quote and if you qualify as well as your home qualifying we can offer you $0 down financing.

Don't lease your solar energy, own it! Our solar panels in Albuquerque are the best quality on the market and we offer a 25 year guarantee to prove that to you. We have 100% customer satisfaction, with a five star rating. Another benefit of working with the leading solar provider/installers you also get free system monitoring and best of all you get great quality and service.

Learn more about how a solar company is growing so fast and one of the main reasons is the benefits of solar energy in Albuquerque. Electricity costs lowered due to solar energy savings, increase the value of your home with solar and many others. One question we get all the time is who sells solar panels in Albuquerque? NM Solar Group does! Solar power is gaining in popularity each day, become a part of it. Purchasing/buying solar panels for your home is a smart thing to do and we can help make that happen.


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NM Solar Group is the solar contractor that will be designing and installing the solar array on your home or business. We have a great installation team that has been working together for years. Our Abuquerque solar installers knows what they are doing and can answer any questions that you may have.

Making the solar panel installation look great can be tricky, but we have taken care of this during the design phase, where we have a picture of the solar panels for your home already installed, so our Abuquerque solar installers knows there will be no problems. If you would like to learn more about the advantages of solar energy in Albuquerque, just click this link to learn more.

Learn about the best solar energy equipment supplier.


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Not only are we solar contractors. We also do the following we supply the equipment. We get the solar photovoltaic systems (residential solar panels) from a company called Hyundai. You might recognize this name, they also sell very well made cars.

It is nice when you have the backing of a huge corporation like Hyundai. One of the great things about these solar panels is the solar panel efficiency. Each panel has its own microprocessor control and converter to maximize the panels efficiency. The equipment supplied by Hyundai is top of the line.

When you are purchasing solar panels for your home, business, for your houses, for flat roofs, pitched, metal, tile. We provide the lowest solar panel cost in Albuquerque and provide free estimates, just give us a call.

How to know if you are using the best solar equipment supplier?


  • Proven Trusted Green Energy/Clean Energy Supplier for New Mexico
  • Produce Your Own Green Energy
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With your new solar array on the roof of your home or business or maybe you have a ground mounted array, either way you are now generating your own green energy. Green energy is going to help to reduce the amount of emissions from fossil fuels and in turn help the planet. NM Solar Company in Albuquerque is one of the leading green energy contractors here.

So in essence you are your own green energy supplier and are now generating your own electricity. It is nice to know that the excess power that you generate will go back into the grid and you will be able to pull this energy back off the grid when you need it. And the best part about that, you generated this excess electricity and it is yours, so you get to pull it back off the grid for FREE.

NM Solar Group is one of the leading green energy suppliers in Albuquerque.


  • Top Rated Solar Companies in Albuquerque, We Exceed Solar Standards
  • Leading Solar Solutions in Albuquerque
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Now that you have decided that you would like to work with NM solar group, we will go ahead and get you set up with the solar energy equipment. We are going to also install and maintain this equipment once it is up and running.

During the design phase we look at all of the different possibilities and the best way for the solar panels to be installed on the roof of your home or business. This provides the best solutions for you to absorb the most amount of sunlight into the solar panels in Albuquerque NM. We may find out that a ground mount or your solar array is the best use of the sun.

By doing this it will help generate the maximum amount of output that the panels can give.

We are a leading solar energy equipment supplier providing solar solutions in Albuquerque to solve residential and commercial solar problems.


NM solar group is not a general contractor. We do have an EE98 contractor license which allows us to install the electrical portion of the solar panels by interlinking all the solar panels in Albuquerque NM as well as tying in to your power box.

We get all of your licenses, and make sure that everyone knows what is going on throughout the entire process.

You will be very glad that you chose us and when you go out and you see your electrical meter spinning backwards, knowing that you are saving money and also saving the planet by using solar power and green energy, it is really a great feeling.

NM Solar Group has a EE98 license so we can complete the project from start to finish, click here to learn more.


Once you decide to get solar panel cost in Albuquerque, we take care of it from start to finish. We will provide the design, permitting, equipment, installation, interconnection, monitoring, and service after the installation. We want everyone to go solar and we truly believe that we and our clients can all win in the process.

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