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house with some Las Cruces solar Panels


Today is your lucky day, NM Solar Group has come to your town! Quickly becoming the leading solar company in Las Cruces.

This company is a debt free solar company and when you are debt free we can do things that other solar companies can’t do. We can pass our savings on to you the consumer. The big solar companies have to answer to share holders and the board of directors, we don’t and can pass the savings on.

We have the luxury of saving you a lot of money by reducing your bill by over 70%.

We’ve partnered with lenders who offer $0 down financing and good rates. Now is the time to own your solar energy and not lease it! Our solar panels are the best quality on the market and we offer a 25 year guarantee to prove that to you.

We offer 100% satisfaction and are proud to boast a 5 Star rating. There are so many benefits to working with NM Solar Group. Being a local solar company is that we also offer free system monitoring and you will get a quality service that you won’t find anywhere else.


A roof with some Las Cruces solar Panels

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  • Best off grid battery systems installed

NM Solar Group is a top rated solar contractors. We don’t contract out anything we do. We work with each client from point of sale all the way through inspection. We do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

This team has been working together for years and communicate every step of the way. If during the installation you have any questions, please feel free to talk to one of the solar installers in Las Cruces; they will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

After paperwork is signed. Our designers will begin designing a custom system for each home or business. We work with the client to ensure we meet all of their needs, as well as designing the best functioning system possible. We get all designs approved before we start the project.

This way there is no problems during the installation of the solar panels.

If you would like to learn the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy, just click the link provided.


  • You want the best solar energy equipment supplier
  • Use only the top solar system supplier to generate your solar power

Hyundai is the company that we get the fantastic solar panel arrays from. You know that name right? They also make top quality automobiles.

So as a solar contractor, the other thing that we do is to supply the equipment. So we are a full service company and you will also find out that we provide free of charge monitoring of your system once it is installed.

One of the nice things about using Hyundai, is that the corporation is huge and that is nice to have that type of backing. Another great thing about the Hyundai panels is that they are super energy efficient.

Each of the solar panels has its own microprocessor to help control how the panel generates power. The also come with converters that maximize and make the panels run more efficient and generate the most power.

A clay rooftop with some Las Cruces solar panels


  • Green Energy is Clean Energy Supplier
  • Make Your Green Energy
  • Take Those NM Tax Benefit for Generating Green Energy

Isn’t it nice to be creating your own green energy and taking advantages of what solar energy has to offer. Maybe you have a ground mount system, maybe it is on your roof of your business or on your residential home. Either way you have started to save money and now are owning your panel.

Another great reason that you went solar is to save the environment from damage. You are helping to reduce the emissions from the fossil fuels, which like I say is helping the planet.

The NM Solar Group is quickly becoming a leading green energy provider in New Mexico.

So let me be the first to tell you that now you are your own green energy provider and you are saving money by generating your own electricity.

Another nice feature that NM Solar Group uses is, they basically use the power company as your battery. What do I mean by this. Any excess power that you generate and don’t immediately use, goes back on the grid. But you can take that energy back off the grid for FREE when and if you ever need it. This is what is called “net metering”. This electricity is yours and is free to you.

What you put on the grid you can get back for free. The nice part for the power company and why they allow you to do this, is because they can resell your power to their customers. So it helps them and at the same time also helps you. It is a win win.


  • We try to exceed all solar standards
  • We are a leading solar company
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Since you decided to start to work with the NM Solar Group Company, we are in the process of getting your solar energy equipment ready for install. Our job is to install the equipment and we are going to maintain the equipment once it is up and running.

When we are underway in the design phase of the project, we try to look at all the possibilities and the best placement of your solar panels. We are trying to maximize the amount of sunlight that the solar array can absorb. Trying to find the best solution is the key during the design phase.

There are times when we find that a ground mounted system can work best to produce the maximum about of output from the solar array.

Finding the best solution will lead to the max amount of solar power that is produced from the solar panels. This is the main goal, to have your solar system producing the maximum amount of solar power.

We are becoming the leading solar energy equipment supplier in Las Cruces providing solar solutions that help to solve your residential and commercial solar needs.


NM Solar Group is not a general contractor. We do have an EE98 contractor license which allows us to install the electrical portion of the solar panels by interlinking all the panels as well as tying in to your power box.

We get all of your licenses, and make sure that everyone knows what is going on throughout the entire process.

You will be very glad that you chose us and when you go out and you see your electrical meter spinning backwards, knowing that you are saving money and also saving the planet by using solar power and green energy, it is really a great feeling.

NM Solar Group has a EE98 license so we can complete the project from start to finish, click here to learn more.

Las Cruces Solar Power – Why Make the Switch?

Here in Las Cruces, solar power is one of the best ways to beat the summer heat and the winter chill, as well as how to save a significant amount on your home’s monthly energy bills. It’s also an investment into your home’s value as more and more consumers are realizing the benefits of solar power — both from a financial standpoint and a social responsibility standpoint. But regardless of why you decide on solar energy in Las Cruces, it’s hardly a debate when you consider the many perks.

Solar Power Can Reduce or Eliminate Your Energy Bill

As the main reason why most homeowners may be looking for Las Cruces solar options, harnessing the power of the sun means that your monthly energy costs will be substantially cut or done away with altogether. After installing solar power, your home becomes less reliant on the power grid and can serve most, if not all, of your home’s energy needs. And since solar panel systems last decades, you’ll have years of savings ahead of you.

Solar Power Can Improve the Value of Your Home

Due to the fact that solar power is still catching on in most areas, solar energy in Las Cruces homes are simply more desirable and valuable to an increasingly interested public that values solar power as a desirable feature of any home. Some prospective homeowners may also be more interested in a home that already has solar than one that doesn’t because of the perceived difficulty of a solar installation. That means you’ll earn back your solar investment easily should you decide to sell down the line.

Solar Power Helps You Qualify for Tax Breaks

Because of various tax breaks and solar incentives available in the U.S., adding solar panels to your Las Cruces home can actually make you some money while you’re saving on your energy bill. Altogether, it often adds up to more than it costs for your solar power in the first place, making solar power a good financial decision as well as a good decision for Mother Earth. With solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) and net metering, as well as various local and state credits and rebates, you can earn credits or extra cash while generating power for yourself and the local community.

Solar Power Protects Your Home Against Rising Energy Costs

One of those givens in homeownership today is that energy costs are rising. Energy rates have risen significantly over the last decade alone, and there seems to be no end in sight over further rises. But choosing to have a Las Cruces solar option for your home means that you’ll gain the upper hand and protect your household against rising energy rates. In  fact, you could flip the script entirely and start getting paid for energy production generated from your solar panels, which can put more money into your pocket over the long run.

Solar Power Reduces Carbon Emissions and Enhances Energy Independence

As a clean and renewable energy source, solar power helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions while also enhancing our energy independence. It doesn’t produce emissions like fossil fuels and coal, and it can even be a positive factor on your energy use if, like most solar power users, you generate more power than you need. Instead of depending on dirty power generation sources, solar power is great for everyone and the earth that we all share together.

To learn more, trust our experience as one of the top Las Cruces solar companies to get our breakdown of what it costs to go solar, as well as our zero-down financing, or click here to get started.


Once you decide to get solar, we take care of it from start to finish. We will provide the design, permitting, equipment, installation, interconnection, monitoring, and service after the installation. We want everyone to go solar and we truly believe that we and our clients can all win in the process.