NM Solar Group is the most trusted Rio Rancho electric company that provides solar power.

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There are a number of factors that set us apart from the other solar companies in Rio Rancho, NM. The most important one is that you can trust we know New Mexico solar, as we are a homegrown and locally owned solar company. This state is our community and the place where we have our homes too, which means we are more than familiar with the nuances of solar panel installation that are specific to the homes and businesses within our region of the southwest. 

Our mission is to do solar the right way, and we do just that by having a firm understanding of what works best in our region and more specifically how to determine the best solar panels in Rio Rancho for your needs. 

We are a full-service Rio Rancho electric company: from consultation, design and installation, care is taken in every step to be sure we get it right. We go above and beyond to guarantee your solar panels are fully functional, efficient and stylish.

Solar energy offers a great return on investment.

By choosing solar power, you can typically save 10-15% on your current bill, depending on your utility company and the current rates. 

New Mexico offers a 10% tax credit and there is also a 26% federal tax credit available for the transition to solar. There is no state tax paid on solar, which enables you to see those savings on your new bill. 

It’s clear that choosing solar energy is a way to mitigate the continued rise in utility rates. Once you start harvesting your own electricity from your new panels, you are no longer dependent upon the utility companies. 

In  addition, you’ll see continued savings in what you pay for electricity for the next 25-40 years and since you own the solar panels, you’ll see an added value in the appraisal of your home.

NM Solar Group offers financing options.

We can help you bring solar energy to your home or business in Rio Rancho, NM. The cost of solar panel installation continues to become more and more affordable, and there are financing options to help. We offer two financing options to you. These options include paying cash or working with one of our lending partners. Available to you are a number of zero down loan options. In most cases, our customers pay less for solar than their current electric bill.

Saving money for electricity and receiving tax credits are excellent incentives to consider solar power in Rio Rancho, NM. 

Breathe easy knowing that your investment in a green, renewable technology will reduce carbon emissions and creates a more beautiful tomorrow for Rio Rancho, NM.

Benefits of Solar Panels in Rio Rancho, NM 

Solar energy is unlike many of our other forms of energy. Not only is it readily available, especially in areas that get a lot of sun like Rio Rancho, but it’s also sustainable and renewable, and it’s more affordable to harness that power than you may think. Odds are you’ll get a great return on your investment, and there are various financing options available to help you pay for it, too. On the back end, you’ll likely save even more with rebates and credits from the state and the federal government. 

It’s why many homeowners are switching over to solar panels for their Rio Rancho, NM homes, and here are some more reasons why you should consider making the switch, too.


Save More Money

For most homeowners, the number one reason to go solar is to save money on your monthly energy bill. The dry desert heat can really do a number on your energy expenses during the hot summer months, and solar power enables you to cut into those expenditures while investing in your home and Mother Earth. The exact savings will depend on your energy consumption in addition to the size of your solar energy system and whether you lease or purchase your system outright. 

Other culprits have to do with your local electricity rates and the size and angle of your roof, as well as how much sunlight your roof sees in a given day, week or month during high-demand periods of the year. But if you’re interested in saving money on your electricity bill, solar panels in Rio Rancho, NM are one of the best ways to make that happen without dramatically reducing your energy use.


Increase Your Home’s Value

Another reason to opt for solar panel installation in Rio Rancho is to enhance your home’s value and appeal on the open market. Today’s buyers are much more savvy than buyers in years past, and homes with solar panels installed tend to sell for more and are much more desirable to buyers that have an eye towards reducing their monthly energy expenditure. 

Similar to how a remodeled kitchen or bathroom can help raise your home’s value, solar panels are yet another upgrade that buyers are using to make their purchase decisions, and having solar panels installed on your roof can mean getting better or more offers than a comparable home that doesn’t come with solar panels.


Good For the Environment

For the environmentally conscious, another benefit of solar panels in Rio Rancho, NM is that solar power is basically a free energy source. Some estimates say that just one hour of the afternoon sun is enough to power the entire country for a year, which means we still have a ways to go in utilizing this great power source. Even places that don’t get a lot of sun can still benefit from solar, though that’s not something we have to worry about much here in New Mexico.

Solar panels also help reduce our general dependency on fossil fuels and their related emissions, as well as helping to reduce other dangerous pollutants such as carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide and other particulate matter in the air.

If you’re interested in solar panels for your Rio Rancho, NM home or something more robust like a commercial solar installation for your Rio Rancho business, contact the experts at NM Solar Group. With zero-down financing available and reasonable rates, it’s easy to go solar with the right solar partner. Request a quote today.

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