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Choosing the Right Solar Company

March 8, 2018

How to Know you are Choosing the Right Solar Company

When making the decision to install solar on your home or business finding the right company can be confusing. There are a few things that are important to consider while choosing the best company for your project.

Local Company

Choosing a local company ensures the company has a vested interest in the area. National companies will come into town sweeping away all the local companies but aren’t able to offer long-term service to the client. They often times have huge expenditures that they pass along to anyone who purchases from them. Local companies like NM Solar Group know the environment they are serving. They will know the native roofs in the area and can know the best practices to get you the best performing system for your situation.

Honest and Forthwith

When you call the company, does a human answer the phone? Can you ask for the owner’s phone number, and call them at any time? These are qualities you should expect from a Solar Company. When asking questions, be sure you feel validated and understood. Solar is a complicated process, and there are no bad questions. Find a company who is happy to answer the phone when you call, a company who knows your name and one who is happy to answer all of your questions.

A solar company needs not have a complicated contract. Be sure you understand the contract before signing. If you are working with a company with a lot of small print, stop and ask if this is in your best interest or the best interest of the company.

Highly Rated


Ask around. Find a company that has installed solar on homes around you. If you know someone with solar, ask who they went with and what their experience was. Look online for reviews, and even ask a company for references. The solar company you chose should be proud to be a customer service driven company. This is a company who will be working with you for an extended period of time, be sure they treat their clients well and are good at solving problems that can arise.

We always appreciate reviews from our past clients. If you are someone who has worked with us let us know how we did. Click here.

NM Solar Group prides itself on being a customer first company, we follow all best practices. Consider working with us if you are in the New Mexico area. Click Here for a free estimate.

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