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How To Clean Solar Panels

September 28, 2017

Many clients ask if they need to clean solar panels and if there is any other required maintenance they will need to do. The truth is your solar system has no moving parts to wear out and requires almost no maintenance over the life of the solar system. Additionally, NM Solar Group provides a solar monitoring system to alert us to any issues that need to be addressed.

Solar panels are mounted at an angle to maximize sun exposure, but an added benefit is rain will wash off the majority of dust and debris in most cases. A small amount of dust will have a very minimal impact in overall energy production. Because of this, many experts argue that you do not even need to clean your solar panels.

An occasional simple cleaning can be a good option to maximize your solar system’s performance if needed. NM has an ideal environment for solar, but rain can be infrequent and is often followed by dusty wind and bird droppings can remain on your panels.

How Do You Clean Solar Panels?

Before cleaning your solar system, always remember solar panels get very hot during the day. They can burn you if touched and water will evaporate quickly, leaving soap residue behind. It is best to clean in the mornings or evenings before the panels get hot. Take special care if you have to go up on your roof, especially when using soap and water because slippery surfaces and heights increases the risk of injury.

If needed, the best way to clean your solar panels is simply to hose them off from the ground. This will remove the majority of built up dirt and debris generally and avoids the risks associated with going up on your roof.

If a more thorough cleaning is needed, use a gentle soap. It is best to use a squeegee with a soft sponge on the backside and a long extension so you can clean the system from the ground. If you need to get on your roof to clean, please use proper safety measures to ensure you do not slip and fall.

Make sure to never use a high-pressure sprayer on your solar panels because they can damage the system. Also avoid use hard bristle brushes or other objects that could potentially scratch your panels.

How Often Should Solar Panels Be Cleaned?

As previously mentioned, your solar panels do not need to be cleaned often, if ever, due to the impact of rain. A quick hosing off of the panels if you notice the accumulation of dust should take care of it if any accumulation is noticeable. A more thorough cleaning should only be done on rare occasions if needed.

NM Solar Group uses only high-quality solar panels, inverters, optimizers, and other mounting hardware backed by the best warranty in the industry to ensure worry-free ownership for the long life of the solar system.

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