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Commercial Solar Panels

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Once you decide to get solar, we take care of it from start to finish. We will provide the design, permitting, equipment, installation, interconnection, monitoring, and service after the installation. We want everyone to go solar and we truly believe that we and our clients can all win in the process.

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The Best Energy Investment

New Mexico businesses know that the economic incentives for solar paneling are overwhelmingly compelling. Utilizing the sun’s free energy is a hedging tool against future inflation, while increasing the lifespan of your roof, ensuring environmental stewardship practices, and enabling the marketing benefits of sustainability. Ultimately, commercial solar panels can offset your electricity expenses, generating monetary savings for decades to come!

In New Mexico, commercial solar power systems are growing in popularity. Many business owners are choosing commercial solar installation as a cost-effective alternative to traditional electricity sources. As a business owner, you have a number of options when it comes to solar energy, as the technology is constantly advancing. Whether you need residential, commercial, or industrial systems, you will find there are many options.

New Mexico commercial solar energy uses photovoltaic cells that use sunlight to generate electricity. These types of solar power systems are usually connected to an existing power grid and produce clean, free electricity without the use of fossil fuels.

The downside to most commercial solar power systems is that they are expensive to install and to maintain. However, there has never been a better time to get into solar power, as there are a number of tax incentives at both the state and federal level to encourage businesses to make the jump to solar power.

Commercial solar installation, while usually more extensive than residential, is still easier and cheaper to set up than residential solar power systems. Plus, they require less maintenance and monitoring to run.

In New Mexico, commercial solar power systems have replaced traditional power plants as the primary source of energy in many businesses because they are more affordable and cleaner.

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While offsetting the continually inflating, sunk cost of utilities, we also will work with you to maximize available tax incentives, explore potential grant opportunities, and give you our best when it comes to quality of components and price.

We create customized solar case studies for companies and non-profit organizations, showing the details of the technology and the bottom-line economics that the technology lends to the ever-changing, competitive environment of the economy!

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Commercial Solar Panels

Why Choose Us?

NM Solar Group has installed over 5,000 solar power systems since its inception and is rapidly growing. We hold NABCEP & EC licenses, handling all engineering, permitting, installations, implementation of live data monitoring software,  and all other aspects, in-house with our team of qualified professionals!

We are experts in the field, and are a trusted name in commercial solar that New Mexico businesses trust. We provide simple solutions that take little time to install, don’t disrupt your daily business, and get you quickly working with the power of the sun to revolutionize your business. Aside from changing the economic landscape, solar energy also matters because it protects our environment and future generations. We take pride in how we change the world for the better.

Just as you work to be the most innovative in your field, we are the most cutting-edge commercial solar power company in New Mexico. When your customers see that you have invested in commercial solar panels to run your business, they’ll know that you’re a forward-thinking organization that seriously respects the environment. A commercial solar power system also shows that you have the lowest costs possible for your business—a benefit that you can pass on to your customers.

When you install commercial solar panels, the efficiency of these machines will amaze you. So you get the best of three worlds: you are helping the environment by generating clean energy that will run your business and power your work; you are saving money by owning the production of your energy at a price point that will never go up, no matter what fluctuations appear within the power system; and you are showing your customers that you are moving into the future with the latest in technologies to save them money.

You owe it to yourself—and to all your stakeholders—to take a look at what commercial solar installation can do for you and your business. Work alongside a local solar company to see what you can do with this technology. We have helped thousands of New Mexico companies make the leap to New Mexico commercial solar and have thousands of satisfied customers who are generating their own power. They’re in control of their future and their finances. And what is more important to a company than its bottom line? Contact NM Solar Group today to save your business money with commercial solar panels.

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A Top Reviewed Solar Company

We had such an incredible experience from start to finish with NM Solar Group Company Albuquerque! The installation crew was very polite and considerate, and did a fantastic job, ensuring that all the wires are hidden as much as possible. I would highly recommend them to anyone who are looking for solar company in Albuquerque, NM.

Jay M.

Sara Beltran is an engaging and informed representative of NM Solar Group. She explained the service and its benefits clearly and patiently, then followed up with all appointments, documents, and questions. She made it easy and fun. And we are delighted with our new system. And we do this all the while helping our environment. Thank you, Sara!

Christine G.

Jose Ojeda sold me my system and he was a pleasure to work with! Very knowledgeable and professional! I love my system and getting next to no electric bill! I would recommend Jose Ojeda with NM Solar Group to anyone!

Jasmine M.
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