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Full Solar or Hybrid: Which Is Best for Your Home?

March 29, 2022

Solar power is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, but it also allows you to claim energy independence. You have a choice when you install a solar panel system: do you want to remain connected to the grid, or will you strike out on your own? Read on to learn whether full solar or hybrid is best for your home.

On the Grid

Grid-tied solar panels systems are the most common type of solar option available. You’ll have panels installed on your roof and an inverter to convert the energy into usable power, but you’ll remain connected to the grid.

This is great news because your connection to the grid allows you to retain power even when your panels can’t produce enough energy (for example, if you have several cloudy days in a row). That means you’ll need to pay for electricity from time to time, but far less frequently than without solar panels.

Off the Grid (Hybrid)

On the other hand, a hybrid system adds an extra component to your solar panel system: solar batteries. These devices allow you to store excess energy and save it for a (literally) rainy day. This means you can enjoy electricity by dipping into your battery reserves when your panels aren’t producing enough energy.

When Should You Go Off-Grid?

At the end of the day, only you know if you want to get off the grid. For most homeowners in the United States, it makes more sense to stay on the grid. This gives them the added security of electricity even when their panels don’t produce enough power to keep the lights on. While solar batteries can kick in and give you the extra juice you need, batteries can run out, too!

However, a hybrid system can make a lot of sense if you’re looking for protection from power outages or if you want to avoid peak electricity rates. Usually, when you’re connected to the grid and the power goes out, your electricity cuts off, too. This does not happen if you have your own solar batteries, as your home can draw from that source of energy.

If you want to avoid peak electricity rates, you can pull from your batteries when the grid is charging high prices for electricity and only switch to the grid when rates fall below the market average. This is especially helpful in the summer when grid prices are higher than usual.

Now that you know the differences between full solar and hybrid systems, decide which is best for your home and contact us for a quote to install solar panels in Las Cruces!

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