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How Do Solar Panel Batteries Work? An Explainer

June 10, 2021

For more than a century, solar energy solutions have revolutionized to become a silver bullet to high utility expenses for both home and commercial usage. Solar panels have been driving billions of people from developed countries into getting off the grid.

The Solar Energy Industries Association affirms that the whole solar market might boom and reach an estimated 4.5 billion dollars by 2023. Solar power systems had given birth to solar-powered vehicles and solar-powered buildings or infrastructures. The convenient and economizing effect of the advancements on renewable energy offers answers to the inevitable depleting supply of power to many consumers in the world.

In fact, the United States is going back to the Paris Climate Accord. More countries are becoming more and more conscious of alternative energy sources they can use for their households and industries without further damaging the environment.

Given the amount of promise it gives people, most of them are still unaware of how solar power systems work. This situation raises the question: how do solar panel batteries work?

How Solar Panel Batteries Work

Solar panels gather all the energy from the sun, and then they place it in a battery system for future use. Simply put, solar panels collect solar energy from the sun for future use. Solar batteries are not always linked to an inverter; instead, some solar batteries have their inverters and offer integrated energy conversion. Battery capacity is inversely proportional to the amount of solar energy it can store.

Installing a solar battery when we have a solar panel system at home means storing excess solar electricity in the house instead of sending it back to the power grid. If the solar panels produce more electricity than we need, the extra energy is used to charge the battery bank.

Later on, when solar panels are not producing electricity, we can draw down the energy stored earlier in the battery for nighttime use. The battery will only send electricity back to the grid when it is fully charged, and it will only be able to take electricity from the grid when the battery is running low.

In real-world terms, all of this means that solar power and storage homes can store excess solar power onsite for later use when the sun is not shining. Over this, solar batteries have both long-term and short-term energy storage.

They are beneficial during prolonged power outages because they can provide temporary backup power at home. Solar battery storage works so that none of the solar energy would get wasted, making sure that every drop of fuel is well-spent.

Advantages of Using Solar Power System

1. A Renewable Source of Energy

One of the top advantages of using solar energy is that it does not have depletion problems. Unlike known fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas, renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power do not face the same dangers as the former since the sun is always shining, every day, 365 days a year.

It is available every day, and we can get it anywhere we are. We do not have to worry as the sun has a 5-billion year lifespan, and therefore it can supply everyone around the world — and more. It faces no danger of depletion, and it can depend on the sun’s rays to further provide its houses and properties with the electricity it needs.

2. Cuts the Electricity Bills in Half

Electricity bills will drop since we have an alternative source of energy to supply to our appliances. The amount of savings we will get still depends on how often we use our devices and machines at home and how much electricity they consume when being used.

We can use an example to make the concepts more understandable. For example, a business that uses commercial solar panels could see huge benefits because the large system size can cover large portions of energy bills.

We do not have to depend on electric companies since we can produce energy on our own. It is a very legal source of energy and is much supported by many countries and organizations worldwide.

3. It Has Low Maintenance Costs

Some might think that solar panels, the battery pack, and solar storage options can be costly, so people are a bit apprehensive about the solar power system. They think it can cost even more to maintain them.

Good news: we do not have to spend much on maintaining the solar panel systems. The frequent cleaning we will provide should be sufficient to handle this, so cleaning them once every other year should be adequate.

If we are not sure whether we want to do the cleaning ourselves, specialized companies offer this service for around $35-$50.

The majority of reliable solar panel manufacturers offer a 20-25 year warranty.

Another known benefit of this design is that there is no wear and tear because there are no moving parts. After a decade or so, the inverter is almost always the only part that needs to be replaced. It is continuously working on converting solar energy into electricity and heat. Besides the inverter, the cables also require regular maintenance to ensure the solar power system runs at maximum efficiency.

And with just the initial cost of the solar system covered, it’s expected that we will pay little to no money for maintenance and repair work.

Our Takeaway

Solar panels work by utilizing the solar energy from the sun and storing it in a solar battery system that people can use whenever needed.

It has many advantages, such as helping people save their electricity bills. Since it is a known renewable energy source, we can be confident that solar energy can last us a lifetime.

With technology advancing and providing innovations now and then, energy storage technologies are becoming more efficient and user-friendly, making them available to more and more people worldwide.

Explore your options here, and see which one is the best for you. As a top solar company in New Mexico, consult a quote with us today.

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