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How Do You Get Permits for Solar Power in New Mexico?

February 8, 2023

Solar is the energy source of the future, but a part of their installation process is stuck in the past. Just like when you want to change anything significant about your property, like expanding your garage or adding a shed, you need to get a few permits to install solar panels. Read on to learn how to get permits for solar power in New Mexico.

Check With Your County

If you want to get permits, the first place to start is with your county. While you’ll need to fill out some forms no matter where you live, they may vary slightly from zip code to zip code. Make sure you know what size solar panel system you’re planning to install—the people at the permit office will require information to give you the correct forms.

City Planning and Electric Utility

The city planning agency of your county is the place to go for the proper permits, and they’ll be the ones to approve or deny them. In addition, you’ll also need to coordinate with whichever electric utility works in your area—they need to approve the connection of your panels to the grid.

Work With a Professional Solar Installer

Our final tip on permits for solar panels is a simple one: work with us. Professional solar installers like NM Solar Group are here to take all the thought and effort out of the permitting process. Instead of finding and filling out tons of confusing, complicated bureaucratic forms yourself, let us handle it.

We deal with county governments all the time, so we know how to get your permits approved as quickly and cleanly as possible. When you trust us for solar panels in Albuquerque, you can rest assured you’re getting top-quality service.

Now that you know how to get permits for solar power in New Mexico, save yourself a headache and get your permits from your installers! You’ll want the help of an installer to set up your panels anyway—why not kill two birds with one stone?

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