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How Solar Power Can Increase Savings for Electric Car Owners

June 10, 2021

The chances are good that you got your electric car to help save you money while reducing your drain on the environment. Well, what if we told you that switching to solar power can save you even more money? In fact, it could help you get rid of your energy bill entirely. You read that right; you can stop paying for electricity! To find out how to do so, learn more about how solar power can increase savings for electric car owners.

Using Solar Panels To Charge Your Car

First of all, let’s take a look at how you can charge your car with solar panels. Not only is doing so very efficient, but it also provides you a significant return on investment. Some users enjoy returns of up to 30 percent each year on their solar panels.

As a result, you’ll end up breaking even on your solar panels within 7½ years. When you combine that with the average lifespan of solar panels, which is around 30 years, you start to understand the benefits. Switching to solar panels can make you money for many years.

Solar Panels Eliminate Your Energy Bill

Many solar panel users enjoy no energy bills whatsoever. For most people, paying for electricity seems like something they’ll never be able to get rid of entirely—but switching to solar panels can help you accomplish it. Why is this?

  • The electricity that your system generates cancels out the electricity you would have otherwise paid for from the city.
  • Essentially, you’re putting free electricity back into the grid, thanks to your solar panels.

You’ll enjoy saving thousands of dollars each year by not having to pay expensive energy bills. But wait, the benefits of solar panels for electric car users don’t end there!

Say Goodbye to Fuel Costs

You probably bought an electric car in the first place so that you could stop paying for expensive gasoline. Traditional motorists spend a fortune each year on gas. With rising gas prices, now is a great time to switch to an electric car.

In the past, the detriment to making the switch was that you had to pay a higher energy bill. But with solar power, that one drawback goes away entirely.

When you have an electric car and solar panels, you’re basically getting free fuel. The electricity that you use to charge your vehicle will be 100 percent free.

So that’s how solar power can increase savings for electric car owners. At NM Solar Group, we’re the number one solar company El Paso has to offer. We can set you up with solar panels today so that you can start enjoying their many benefits.

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