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Looking For A Great Vacation Spot? Try the International Space Hall of Fame!

September 5, 2018

There have been several “great unknowns” throughout history. It used to be exploring across land masses to find resources. Then it became ocean exploration. Then landmass exploration again. But one constant throughout history has been outer space. Whether it was thought to be another world where Gods and spirits lived or a vast, eternal sea of stars, outer space has excited the imagination of billions of people across the planet.

That’s why the state of New Mexico is proud to be the home of the International Space Hall of Fame. This hallowed institution was founded in 1976 and works tirelessly to honor the memory of those who expanded human understanding of space. There are a number of exhibits, each designed to honor, teach, and inspire those interested in outer space exploration.


There are a number of popular exhibits at the International Space Hall of Fame. For example, the Icons of Exploration exhibit is a popular showcase of items that are either from space or designed to go into space. These are things such as replicas of some of the very first satellites man ever made, an early model of a guided missile, and even a real moon rock!

The International Space Hall of Fame also has outdoor exhibits. These are great places for the whole family to enjoy a pleasant day outside while they learn about space exploration. Just one example is the John P. Stapp Air & Space Park. This outdoor exhibit features several giant machines designed for rocket-propelled travel.

Sonic Wind 1 Rocket Sled

One such machine is the Sonic Wind 1 rocket sled. This device, ridden by the Hall of Fame inductee Dr. Stapp (after whom the park is named), as well as the Little Joe 2 rocket. That rocket was designed to test the Launch escape system on the Apollo rocket.

As you can see, the International Space Hall of Fame is an amazing location. It offers a wide number of things to see and do and can educate and inspire just about anyone interested in outer space.


So if you’re a stargazer a hobbyist astronomer or just someone who enjoys spending time learning cool things with your families, come to the state of New Mexico and the International Space Hall of Fame. You can even stop in and see a movie at our New Horizons Theater Dome & Planetarium. You’ll make memories that can last you an entire lifetime!

Trinity Test Site

Seeing the International space hall of fame is pretty awesome, but we have more here in New Mexico and one thing that stands out in our history as a country is the Trinity test site, where the first ever atomic bomb was successfully tested and then used to end the war against Japan.

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