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Solar Inverters: What You Should Know

February 13, 2022

Solar Inverters

Inverters are not always the first thing that comes to mind when considering adding solar to a home or business. But the solar inverter is just as important as solar panels. Below we will go over the advancements in inverter technology, and explain why NM Solar Group uses the best solar inverters on the market.

Differences in Solar Inverters

String inverters were the original system to change DC energy (raw energy) to AC energy (the energy that prominently runs through your home). The problem with string inverters is that they are like Christmas lights. They can only produce power to the lowest current, so any shading on a panel or a lower-producing panel affects the entire system.

Then came microinverters. They changed DC energy to AC right at the panel, allowing clients to monitor panels and allowing installers to use many different planes for installs.

Solar Edge came in after and changed the game with its development of DC optimized inverter topology. It continued to innovate with its HD-Wave inverter technology and StorEdge system. NM Solar Group uses Solar Edge inverters with optimizers because we believe in doing what’s best for our clients and making sure their systems run properly as long as possible.

We also work with Enphase inverters. Enphase has pioneered microinverters that can provide backup during grid outages. Their microinverter transforms photons (quantum particles of light) into AC power that’s safe enough to use in your home. Each solar panel has its own microinverter, so even if one panel is in shade or stops functioning, the other panels continue to generate power.

With solar panel inverters from Solar Edge and Enphase, we at NM Solar Group can create a solar array for your home or business with up-to-the-minute technology and reliable performance. Contact us today to find out what kind of system is best for you or for a free quote.

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