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March 24, 2017

Local solar companies are the way to go.  With local solar companies we have local owners, presidents, CEO’s, CFO’s, and decision makers.

We have houses in your communities.  Local solar companies go to the balloon fiesta, the Fair, and Old Town.

Local solar companies pay property taxes, gross receipts tax, and state income tax.

If something goes wrong or needs improvement with an NM Solar Group client we can’t defer to “someone else”  or “they”.

We have to take the problem head on and we do.

Local Solar Company is Way To Go

Local solar is the way to go.   Why go corporate?  Why go with a company disconnected from you?

Solar is growing in New Mexico. Right now we have SolAero Technologies building solar panels right here in Albuquerque.

For example:

Have you ever tried calling a call center and no one will take responsibility for anything?

Then they keep transferring you to a different department without communicating to each other?

You have to ask to speak with a manager just to get someone who will listen to you.

Lastly, then the call gets disconnected.  Not a fun scenario, but I am sure many of you have had that experience.

No Long Chain Of Command at This Local Solar Company

It is hard to as a small business owner to wear many different hats everyday.

It isn’t easy running a business, but it is worth it.

At NM Solar Group we don’t have to pay a long chain of managers that manage managers that then get managed by another manager that is the brother of the CEO and doesn’t even know anything about solar.

We keep our expenses low and we run lean and mean.   We are then able to pass those savings on to our clients and not relinquish value or quality.

Local solar is the way to go for many reasons, but the main reason is because we care about New Mexico and what happens to her.

If you are considering going solar please contact us and we will get a free no obligation quote for your home.

Reach out to us at nmsolargroup.com or call us at 5054156172.

Owning your solar in New Mexico is the way to go for the New Mexican.

Reach out to the growing and soon to be go to Albuquerque solar company, you will be glad that you did, we can save you money.

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