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Making the Investment in Solar

February 7, 2018

Invest in your Future

Considering which investments to make to ensure a comfortable lifestyle in the future can be difficult. Many investments are risky or only return a small percentage. Investing in solar is a guaranteed positive investment in your future. Wheather you’re in your twenties, or in your nineties investing in solar is going to pay off.

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The Cost Of Solar Then vs. Now

When adding solar to a home was first introduced the costs were extremely high, making it unfeasible for most homeowners. If you researched adding solar to your home five years ago, you may have come to the conclusion that solar just isn’t within your reach. I encourage you to get another estimate, you will be surprised to know that it’s often the case that the cost of solar is lower than the cost of your electric bill.

Increase the Value of Your Home

It’s hard to dispute the benefits of adding solar to your home, solely based on the savings you’ll have on your monthly electric cost. Though some will argue that they aren’t sure how long they will be in their home. As more homes add solar, the real estate industry has gotten better at valuing a home with a PV system. Data has shown that homes with PV systems are selling for more money than without. In fact, homes are selling at a rate that almost completely makes up for the cost of the system installed on the home. ¬†Home buyers are willing to pay more for a house with solar, knowing they will have lower electric bills, and won’t have to go through the process of adding it themselves.

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