Bad Solar Practices by National Solar Comapny

New Mexico Attorney General is filing a lawsuit against a national solar company, who has been locking clients into 20-year contracts where they are bound to a lease agreement, paying the company for their electricity generated by the solar panels installed on their homes. This is a common practice among national solar companies, who sell leases or power purchase agreements. With this particular national company, the rate the client pays  for their electricity increases by over 72% in the 20-years of the agreement.
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NM Solar Group Always Chooses Best Practices

From the perspective of NM Solar Group we are deeply saddened to see when New Mexican’s get treated poorly. We think solar can be such a positive experience to save money on electricity, increase the value of your home, and to live a more renewable lifestyle. It isn’t okay to use something great like solar to manipulate others.  We believe in being fair with our clients and them being fair with us, and that solar should be owned by the consumer.  When NM Solar Group was created we made a conscious decision to never sell leases or Power Purchase Agreements.  We know nothing in this life is free and never wanted to portray that to our clients. Transparency is important to us and from the start of the company we chose simple financing and straight forward terms.
We are committed to continuing to do the best job we can to bring solar the right way to New Mexico.
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