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Own your New Mexico Solar

April 15, 2017

Own your New Mexico solar.   Solar isn’t something that you do everyday.

In New Mexico, we tend not to move around a ton and solar is a 25 year commitment for that house whether you live there or not.

“Free” solar doesn’t exist.   A lot of National companies will tell you a lot of things.

They aren’t here to stay and don’t have a vested interest in our community.  Whether you do a purchase, lease, or power purchase agreement there are ALWAYS costs.  All of these ways are cheaper than the Utility.

Purchase Power Agreement and Leases

Power Purchase agreement and leases claim to be free equipment and then the client purchases the energy produced from the their solar array on their roof.

What they don’t tell you is that the lease or power purchase agreement’s are two to three times more than buying a system over the life of their long confusing contract.

Own Your Own Solar Array, 3 Reason Why

Owning your New Mexico solar is the best way to go for three reasons.

  1.  You don’t have a long term contract with a company that cares nothing about you or the New Mexico community
  2. With a purchase you get appraisal value to your home.   With a lease or a power purchase agreement there is no appraisal value possible.
  3. Keep your tax credits.

This Albuquerque Solar Company Is Here To Stay

All of these things are great reasons to own your own solar.

New Mexico Solar Group is a local solar company who care about their clients and their community.

We will gladly consult with you on what is the best way to do solar for your personal situation.

New Mexico Solar Group has zero down financing available from local credit unions.

You can be sure that we will provide you with excellent customer service, communication, and professionalism.

Reach out to us at nmsolargroup.com or call us at 5054156172.

Owning your solar in New Mexico is the way to go for the New Mexican.

Reach out to the growing and soon to be go to Albuquerque solar company, you will be glad that you did, we can save you money.

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