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New Mexico Is Ideal For Solar

August 1, 2017

It was a beautiful day at NM Solar Group’s Albuquerque headquarters. Maybe not the typical definition of a beautiful day with clear, sunny skies. Quite the opposite really. Today was one of the more rainy days of the the year so far, which is very welcome in a particularly dry monsoon season. Some places may not appreciate rainy days like this because it is more of the norm, but as any true New Mexican can understand, we cherish those seldom times that the sky opens up and shares the life-supporting moisture with our community.

It may seem odd for a solar company to celebrate a cloudy day, but remember that New Mexico averages around 300+ sunny days per year and is the ideal environment for solar.  Photovoltaic panels are optimized and tested at around 77 degrees Fahrenheit and efficiency reduces as temperatures rise beyond that temperature threshold. Sunny summer days obviously produce peak power, but there are limits to how hot is too hot. That is why New Mexico beats out Arizona, a state with more sunny days, due to the extreme heat they have.

Stormy weather in New Mexico is ephemeral. It’s common to hear people describe a rain as lasting only long enough to get their car wet for the dust to stick to. Even the occasional stormy day tends to have more sun shine through, plenty to contribute to your solar production for the month. It is a matter of averages after-all when accumulating produced power from your solar system. That is why a nice rain storm like today is cause for celebration, even in the solar world. Besides, a genuinely nice rain storm will rinse the dust off those beautiful solar panels (and my neglected car).

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