Our solar design process is at the height of innovation, providing the latest in style, efficiency, and function. We’ve developed a process that is top tier. We keep an open line of communication and do what we say we will.
An infographic of the process of solar panel design


Congratulations! You’ve decided to take the next step towards being energy independent. Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to get a solar panel consultation for your home or business, one of our experienced consultants will coordinate a site visit with you to assess the property for solar. To provide you with the most accurate assessment, we’ll need to review a copy of your most recent energy bill. New to the home? Not a problem. After a few additional questions and after we’ve determined your anticipated usage, we’ll be ready to get you an estimate. Your consultant will review your custom solar proposal with you. The optimal solar design will give you the best value for your investment, meaning the solar system will give you the best energy output for your available roof space and energy needs. As you discuss your proposal, your consultant will provide information on equipment warranties, available incentives and financing options. Our top priority is insuring that our customers feel knowledgeable about their purchase and understand the full benefits of going solar.


Designing your solar system to weather the elements, follow regulations, look beautiful and produce energy optimally is no easy task! But fortunately, with certified designers on staff in each office, New Mexico Solar Group can get it done. After you’ve decided to go solar and have signed a contract with us, we will conduct a site survey with our solar panel consultation to gather the necessary information to complete your design. When our designers complete your plans, you will receive a final copy of the design for your approval. Once you’ve approved the design, we will share those same plans with your local electric company and your local permitting jurisdictions to get your system permitted and interconnected. Generally, all necessary paperwork and permits are covered in the cost of your installation.


Once your system is permitted and ready for install, our team of experienced solar installers and certified electricians will take over the project. Typically, installations can take from 1-3 days. Once the installation is completed, we will test the system with you so that you can understand how it works. For the system to be fully functional, we will obtain the necessary final inspections from your local permitting jurisdictions and get your system interconnected with the utility company. We will return to set up your monitoring so that you can monitor your system, panel by panel, to insure optimal production.
Some houses undergoing solar panel design and installation
A house having completed the process of solar panel design and installation

Save Your Money. Save New Mexico.

Once you decide to get solar, we take care of it from start to finish. We will provide the design, permitting, equipment, installation, interconnection, monitoring, and service after the installation. We want everyone to go solar and we truly believe that we and our clients can all win in the process.