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September 7, 2017

Solar is our passion at NM Solar Group and we try to stay up to date with solar power news. Some interesting things are happening in the world of solar power. Here are a few snippets of articles I read recently:

Solar + Mushroom Farming In Japan

Sustainergy, a Tokyo-based renewable-energy start-up has partnered with Hitachi Capital and manufacturer Daiwa House Industry to deploy a new ‘solar-sharing’ business model, where Japanese farmers will be encouraged to make use of unexploited farms to produce mushrooms, while solar PVs will feed the operations and sell electricity to the grid at the same time.

The ‘solar-sharing’ business model constitutes an idea of Sustainergy, where crops that need little radiation can be yielded underneath solar photovoltaic panels, while the excessive electricity is exported to the grid, generating double income for farmers. (Climate Action)

[I love the idea of taking advantage of the space under ground-mount solar systems for growing food! I am going to suggest this to a few of our clients for their systems.]

Solar Power + Honey Bees

Last year, when Minnesota passed a groundbreaking law on best practices for providing pollinator habitat at solar power sites, they also (unexpectedly) helped launch something called Solar Honey, in which solar companies and commercial beekeepers work together in a mutually beneficial arrangement. (Smithsonian)

[Anything we can do to help local honey bees thrive is worth pursuing. Their importance to our local ecosystem cannot be understated and we are losing populations of pollinators at an alarming rate. As an incentive to homeowners, fresh honey is amazing!]

Solar Could Help Your Neighbors During An Emergency

A new set of algorithms could make it possible for renewable energy-generating homes to not only access their power reserves during outages, but share their resources with their neighbors — a move which could play a significant role in disaster relief efforts. (Engadget)

[In these trying times with tragic disasters occurring around our country, anything we can do to help our communities can make a difference. For many folks, having access to power will allow them to rebuild after a disaster. For others who are dependent on electricity for life-preserving devices, access to electricity can mean the difference between life or death.]

Solar power can help homeowners and their local community in many ways. If you would like to learn more about solar for your home, please call the Albuquerque-based solar company NM Solar Group at 505-415-6172 or Click Here to schedule a free consultation. We would love to help!

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