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What Is the Average Life Expectancy of Most Solar Panels?

April 19, 2022

Homeowners who hesitate before pulling the trigger on solar panels wonder a few things about the renewable energy source. They typically ask themselves two major questions:

  • How long will the panels last?
  • What warranty do you offer?

These are excellent questions, and we can answer both today. Read on to learn the average life expectancy of most solar panels.

Why Do Panels Degrade?

It’s true—solar panels don’t last forever. Like any outdoor structure, they degrade naturally over time. Solar panels are not prone to defects since they’re built for sustainability, but the elements will take their toll if given enough time.

Weather is the single biggest factor in solar degradation. Extreme climate changes aren’t good for solar panels. While they can withstand chilly and hot temperatures, significant swings can cause problems over the years. Additionally, unpredictable storms can cause tree branches and hail to damage the glass on your panels.

Talk to your solar installer about their testing process—many manufacturers certify their panels to withstand storms and extreme weather conditions.

Solar Panel Maintenance and Efficiency

Solar panels are built to last decades with very little maintenance. We usually recommend a quick sweep of your panels every few months to clear them from debris, but there is rarely a need for more in-depth care. With all that said, the average lifespan of a solar panel is just under three decades. If you’re looking for an investment in your home that won’t fail for years and years, this is it.


Reputable solar companies in El Paso offer warranties on their panels, usually up to 25 years. That means you can make an investment with peace of mind—if your solar panels don’t produce the energy they should, contact your installer, and they’ll make it right.

Now that you know the average life expectancy of most solar panels, contact NM Solar Group for your quote and start saving money!

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