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What To Consider When Preparing To Live Off the Grid

August 31, 2021

Living off the grid requires an investment of time and money, but before you make either, there’s a lot to think about. Here’s what to consider when preparing to live off the grid.

Living Space

When it comes to living off the grid, you can choose from many types of living spaces. Tiny houses are suitable for many people, since they offer some of the same comforts as a regular house but in a miniature and minimalist design. While tiny houses provide some level of permanence, you can also easily move them if needed.

If a tiny house or cabin isn’t for you, think about a shipping container. They cost less than tiny houses and are simple to transport, with the added benefit of being quickly convertible into a living space

The final choice is a classic: RV life. More and more people are switching to this lifestyle, as it boasts the opportunity to travel wherever (and whenever) you want. Gas adds up quickly, but you don’t have to worry about rent or local taxes.

Water Source

Without traditional utilities providing you with tap water, you’ll need to lock down a source of your own. You can go about this in many different ways, but the simplest solution is to set up buckets around your home to collect rainwater. If your domicile allows for it, you may be able to set up the roof in a way that collects water for you.

Whether it’s rainwater or a natural water source, you’ll need to purify and filter your water before you drink it. The LifeStraw is a handy tool to have, as it can purify water in seconds.

Energy Source

As with water, off-grid living requires you to figure out your own energy source. The most popular choice for this lifestyle is solar power, and this energy source has become more accessible than ever in recent years. Solar power is green energy, so if living off the grid is right for you, consider reaching out to NM Solar Group in Las Cruces for solar panels.

Knowing what to consider when preparing to live off the grid saves you time and energy down the line. Good luck with your new life!

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